We are always very pleased to hear from our customers and very proud to receive praise for our efforts. Here are a few recent comments:
DS Reigate
“I am very grateful for the treatment and excellent advice from Julie during my visit. I have decided not to take any action in the immediate future but if and when I decide to use a hearing aid I will definitely be in touch. I am very impressed with your service overall.”
SM Dorchester
"After finding it difficult to hear the children at work, I visited the Hearing Centre in Dorchester. Feeling nervous and not knowing what to expect, I was made very welcome and put at ease by Cheryl. She tested my hearing which confirmed it was not as it used to be. I purchased two hearing aids and it was the best feeling in the world to be able to hear again, it was fabulous. I would definitely recommend the hearing centre and the staff were really helpful. Thank you so much from a very happy customer."
DB Horsham
"I'm so pleased to say I can hear crystal clear in both ears! Thank you so much Julie for persisting with it. I really appreciate what you did for me.
Thank you so much again."
JS Barnes
"I can’t imagine what an audiologist would need to be to be better than Louise Overton at Hear Centre in Barnes. She listens to me, tries to figure out what would work best for me within the parameters of my hearing loss, budget, age and lifestyle. She keeps abreast of the research so communicates to me what is going on in the larger world of hearing. She knows how to explain using words and images that I can understand. As far as I can ascertain, her pecuniary interest in selling to a potential customer comes second to her concern for what might suit me best. That is an outstanding quality which means she has my complete trust."
CP Banbury
"The aid has made a huge difference to my Mum who lives in a residential home. She can communicate so much better so is no longer feeling isolated, and is beginning to join in with activities. I have been very impressed by the swift response from Sarah-Jane if any problems arise, and by her expertise, sensitivity and patience. It is obviously a great product, but it has been the excellent after care that has made all the difference. Many thanks for restoring Mum’s hearing after years of silence, and for restoring our faith in hearing centres.
Extra thanks to June for always providing cheer and reassurance at the end of the phone!"
SL Horsham
“I have just spoken to my mother-in-law on Skype, through a computer microphone and speaker with no headset. She heard every word! That is quite an achievement and I am most grateful for all your assistance when she saw you yesterday. Her loss of hearing has been very upsetting for her and if these new digital hearing aids provide better communication for a while longer, that will be fantastic. Many thanks for your help.”
RC Reigate
“Three years ago, after finding very little help from the NHS for my profound loss, I contacted your Reigate Centre. In no time at all, they were able to help me and their speedy and efficient service has enabled me to continue my life with far less stress than before. I only wish other services were as reliable as yours. Thank you.”
AP Banbury
"I have been a customer of Banbury Hearing for many years and cannot rate their Customer care highly enough. I have, over the years, bought three sets of new hearing aids from them, and each time so much care and attention has been taken over selecting the aids that best suit me and my lifestyle. Sarah-Jane and June are always there to support me with ongoing service and questions, and there is always a welcoming cup of coffee! I certainly recommend that you visit Banbury Hearing should you be needing replacement aids or thinking of getting them for the first time, you will not be disappointed."
MB Barnes
"I cannot thank Louise at Barnes Hearing Centre enough for what she has done for me. I knew I suffered from hearing loss, due to an eardrum perforation for many years. What I hadn't realised was the loss in my other ear. Rather than blindly prescribe two aids, she allowed me to try an aid singularly in each ear as well as both together. To find the best option for me. Either one was an improvement from where I was, but both is simply an amazing difference in sound. It is her friendly, professional attention to detail, enthusiasm for her work & latest technologies, that helps people get the best outcome. It is wonderful & has opened a whole new world for me. I would highly recommend Louise & her very friendly & helpful team to anyone thinking about hearing aids."
GN Bournemouth
“I have been coming to your Bournemouth Centre for nearly twenty years now and I am using my third pair of hearing aids. The technology has improved dramatically over the years but the service I have received has always been wonderful. Anyone who has not worn hearing aids will be unaware of the need for good aftercare. Your Hearing Centre has always provided the best.”
LR Dorchester
“I would never ever go anywhere else! The staff provides the best service and are always helpful and cheerful. I cannot praise the Dorchester Hearing Centre enough.”