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If you are looking for help with your hearing, then look no further. Hearcentres are a group of established, local hearing centres offering an unrivalled professional hearing care service. Each of our Hearing Centres is staffed by experienced, Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers who can guide you through the process of evaluating your hearing and finding the best possible solution for your needs. We have access to the very latest hearing aid styles and technology from all the leading manufacturers. We have years of experience successfully fitting hearing aids to thousands of customers across our centres and we would love to have the opportunity to also help you.

Hearing aids are now worn every day by millions of people around the World. In the UK it is estimated that one in seven of the population (over 8.5 million people) would benefit from wearing hearing aids. Gone are the days when hearing aids were large, beige, bulky devices that were visible to others and whistled when you got close to them. Today’s hearing aids are tiny, miniature computers, hardly visible to anyone and they can provide the wearer with clear, high-definition sound. Take advantage of a free demonstration and trial at your local Hearcentre. There is no obligation and we will do everything we can to help you.The experience may just change your life!

to find details of all our Hearing Centres, together with all the necessary contact information. All our established Hearing Centres are situated in convenient, local locations. We are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and we can also accommodate weekend and out of hours appointments if required. Please call your local Centre to arrange this. If you would prefer to be seen in your own home, please let us know and we would be happy to arrange a home visit. All our staff are DBS checked and we have portable equipment available. Our Hearing Aid Audiologists are able to provide you with an exceptionally friendly and outstanding service.

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We hope that you find everything you need to know about our unrivalled Hearing Care service on this site. We have also prepared a number of useful factsheets which can be downloaded from the “Free Information” button below. Finally, if you have any other questions before your appointment with us, please “Ask an Audiologist ” using the button below, or call your local Centre directly for further help.

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